Monday, February 17, 2014

Borrowed Moments

I can still remember when she's mine
When she's his; yes, ours
Her wicked smile that's so divine
Deplete my priceless hours

She pulls me down on bed at night
and covers my peripheral sight
I wasn't blind that time at all
I know how my friends used to call

This silly man has been a slave
and hadn't been that brave
to cut the rope that traps the trap
and made him a vulnerable scrap

End comes like twilight beckon
seems a dusk with flight of doves
These borrowed moments left me forlorn
but at least I knew I loved
I did love...

This Poem Kills Me

Meadow flooded with gray
leaving sheep astray
Blue sea turns blue
'tis the loneliest place i ever knew

Blood shed above east
This cold wind is but the least
a mending ground from shake can feel
after on its chest, sharp thorns dwell

This poem tries to draw a lovely curve
on world's face I almost cursed
it writes lines of pretense-blurred
 with wicked borrowed force

'tis failure, the service I don't get
but frowning is never to make a face of regret
'coz everything that's left is just vanity
I don't care anymore, this poem kills me

Moving On

Pain is my fuel
but I am still
Time pushes hard
Pulled back by love we had
Today I'll keep the same promise
that tomorrow will be demise
of this insanity
that keeps me living secretly
It'll be gone
It'll be gone
How, what, when then frown
It's still you
Oh! Why still you?
This silly truth drags me down.

Full Moon

I can see your beauty painted on the sky
your sheen that hovers over my soul
your coldness that embraces me with all warmth
your silence that causes this deafening beat
You're far
but these eyes will forever be yours
You'll fall
Maybe when my dreaming beckon
Oh! Breathtaking full moon...

Monday, February 3, 2014



Notes of love and regrets
Rhyming and discord
slow beat of my heart
calls for your attention
out of tune this old piano sing
with my fingers aching
once you held these hands
once this song is ours
Where is the promise we made?
the music we shared
was your heart has been deafen?
can you still hear mine calling?
soft tone, like a lullaby
I wanna sleep, or may be die…



She smiles so wonderful 
just like a baby in a crib 
or an angel in the sky 
like a paradise on land 
Her voice is soft 
like my mothers lullaby 
like a silk on my skin 
or a peaceful summer breeze 
She is just perfect 
her hair, her body, her face 
her talking, walking and laughing 
how i wish she was mine 
…until now, 
cause she had just been once 
my princess, 
( i miss you)


Sometimes it’s not the answers
that makes the question wrong
It’s the interpretation
moreover the comprehension
when world are blinded by fact
Fact that is determined by eyes
Justice often lack
for sight are blotched with lies
Things in this world are variables
they can be right or they can’t be
and people are but prejudices
and community’s malady
Why do people need to walk on bended knees,
with their palm together?
when they know that that humanities
is more than what our savior bears

Vhafnire says:

This world is a place of uncertainty



takes us
to the place
closed to dread and

Author Notes

love is always positive but come to think, if we don’t love, we’ll not get hurt, we’ll not get angry and there’ll be no place for hate and fear in our heart.
© Vhanfire. All rights reserved,


think we’re done
yet I’m afraid
to see the next dawn
so like a a new moon
expect me home
when dusk fired on west
I will come to you
so hear my chest’s


from dust
create form
’till you’ll back to


I wonder why do they have to close their eyes
whenever their lips touch
I wonder why there is a spark
in love’s every touch
I wonder why of all the words
“I love you” has been very special
I wonder why it feels so magical
when you are just beside me
I wonder why my mind don’t have any answer
and why these questions are so queer
I wonder…


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