Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Until I Can

the vow i uttered in our yesterday,
will always find your heart and not be astray,
coz like the breeze on d bay,
it will always turn back to whom it may,

until i can, i will be yours,
no one can cease even lion's paws
when time come that you'll close me a door,
I'll stand with it on heaven's floor

dear, i just want u to remember this,
i might somehow forget how i said the words,
but the thought is what you wouldn't miss,
coz its engrave n my heart as wound,

until i can, yes it is true
we'll make our own world of two,
it will be forever me and you
but i hope my dear you want it too

the vow will still be a vow to behold
but beholding is far from believing what i told
and believing is not what ill be doing till we grow old
and that would just be a page of my story to fold.



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