Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Love Story

I want to write a love story
Of hearts far from melancholy
With wines and roses in ecstasy
Where the only characters were just you and me

That story would tell
How you made me fell
How your charm can turn a hell
Into a heaven, paradise of angels

The conflicts or our tale
Would not lead us both to fail
But would rather bind us more
And pacify our hearts clangour

There I will sing you songs
That I will write for you to belong
You would never hear an elegy
For our love’s bliss will take out agony

Though I couldn’t give you the world
The sun nor moon, but only words
I promise I will not deceive
You’re the only princess whom I will serve

Dear, please don’t expect happy ending
Neither our marriage nor a kissing at the closing
‘Cause if I would to write our own story
That would surely be never ending until eternity…


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