Friday, January 31, 2014

Just let me

Tracing the footsteps
Our silhouette had vanished
warm dust lifting up
the agony of mourning
pulled by darkness behind me

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Tuesday, January 28, 2014



Sweet and gentle smile
I used to get playmate
I want to play around
Like any other child
Dusk come I’m on bed
This is not the game I made
But a lick ignite the fire
And I gone beyond despair
I played well, I guess I did
And she even told too me with her bites
She took me throughout reality
And make a burning heaven for me
The longest night I ever had
The most enjoyable tiresome moment of my life
When I sweat and she growls
The most beautiful song I heard
dawn came and as light strikes on my eyes
I can’t see the child who laid on bed
Here is a girl who made me realized
That I’m no more a bairn
I am now a man who just did a sin



Above my head and in the middle of dark wide sky
blood shed on clouds
This lonely world rests in silence
but a calling noisily shouts in my head
No! and a gunshot
one, two, three and the quibble settles
The car starts to run like a bunny hunted by a snake
and I see the snake on tail light flashing
Silence kills my senses
as I feel the cold floor with my feet
The moment the moon hides
a silhouette is all I see
She lies on her bed
My mouth lost for words while tears are flowing warm
the thawing heart cries…calling her name
Above my head and in the middle of dark wide sky
one, two, three and the quibble settles
The moment the moon hides
the thawing heart cries… Mama!!!



I cut my wrist to sip some ink
That I’ll feed to my senseless point
The taste and smell makes me strong
And I know with ink I can’t go wrong
I touch the letters with the tip of my tongue
And OH! Sweet honey from black bees I tasted
My lips were filled with lust
To kiss this venomous ink
Endless rapture flows through my veins
Glorious! I love this feeling
Kill me now and bring me in despair
I like it dark when with poems smeared



Trapped in the midst
of storm and haste
holding the chain
that connects me to reality
I can’t go down now
my feet are not yet ready
to feel the burning hell
that’s waiting for me
let me wait here until the sun shine
below this forlorn clouds
few hours to go the stars will be awake
and I’ll sit my tired heart to rest
swing me on the sky
where everything is unreal
I want it better than to slide
and plunged to reality
Let me escape
let me…



Your heart
Make your world
Nice place to live
Spend more time to smile
Forget sorrow
Never frown
do not

Thursday, January 23, 2014

SENRYU 01 - Letter from a Lover

Feelings on ballpoint
ink streaks with every heartbeat
I'll die as writer...

Her Wedding

Stars come down onto her eyes
Thin clouds cover her head---with bliss
Envisaging for the perfect place
where she will utter her sweetest yes

Today she doesn't look the same
she's just splendid and gleaming
Like diamonds on her neck and ears
she's a goddess in vignette

All chords come aligned
smooth, soft, like new year wine
with a promise of eternity and love
Angels voices descend from above

The vow they sealed with rings
Will start be the cue for the story teller
To start with a magical once upon a time
And now they will live happily ever after


This gleaming lights don't know where to go.
But did they stop glazing?
Turn your lamps on.

Monday, January 20, 2014


i am a sentence sentenced by you...
to ever bear barely this word rue

when stars' streaks strike from wide sad dark sky...
to crystal drifts dripping from my eyes

quibbles in my head hid hundreds of mourn...
forlorn heart hurt by mask it worn

the days of dying time suddenly give...
wind that twirls the twigs and leads leaves to leave

sand in the glass ceased to fall tall a moment...
mending heart grows strong but never stop to lament.


me with 
gleaming arms 
beside moon's sheen 
as you strive to shine 
far from the clouds 
don't you hide 
let me 

Haiku 11 --- [ After Frost ]

Winter flakes fallen
Lakes were frozen and gleaming
Warmth be back again

Getting Over Regret

Her hair is long and soft
As it's keenly placed on her porcelain skin
She loves to show her shoulders off
Like inviting me to sin

She has these perfect eyes
That hide when she smiles
So demure, charming and nice
Oozing with cold fires

Her voice is sweet and lovely
Like those of fairies'
She moves just so fine
How I wish she's mine

This girl once kissed me
But that time she wasn't this pretty
Now she became a regret of my yesterday's life
As she is now my best friend's wife

From Me to You

Walk on
Like a bird
That jumps from nest
Fly and find your bliss
Leave me bleeding
As my heart's
Beat turn


Flies fast
When we want
Moments to last
And runs like turtle
When struggles
Consume our

No one cares

Noisy roads
Endless humming
Crazy faces
Bussy world

In this street where I use to sweat
Where I wake, where I sleep
Where I burried all my dreams
With a wish for their reality

I am neglected everyday
Always left empty handed every dusk
And when the night comes
Bulbs can't show me the light

It rained, It fired so hot
I remained as progress' blotch
Days turns old, and so I did
Hope is all the ever promising tomorrow feeds

I was down, with bruise; Who cares
I was sick, no cure
This community has too
Who will heal? Can you?

Noisy roads
Endless humming
Crazy faces
Bussy world

The Red Cheeks Day

I'm dreaming that someday
When we cross along the road
You offer me a smile
And I'll be giving you a slap
With a warm greeting of
Happy red cheeks day!

Then your gonna slap me too
But do not go too strong
Cause we may have never ending greetings
And won the reddest cheeks crown
This day, blush on will be useless
So come and find your enemies 


I was a twig and you're my Autumn leaf
Of our last falling season
When Earth aligned with moon perfectly
That turns the night bloody

Blood remained on the sky
As Aurora shouts on East
Today I will never climb again with my feet
Because I will be a butterfly 

In Her Womb

There lies the bliss we once had
When I was just an innocent lad
It seals the contract we do not know
To take care, to give faith, to endow

I used to envisage things as a man
Who carries his blood and flesh on his hand
And she is my queen of our wooden kingdom
Can't wait until my prince come

Those things just vanished away
When roses turn pale and rainbow is gray
I didn't have ask her if she wants or may
Carry our fruit until its ripening day

She pushed and pulled the being down
Quaff to satisfy her thirst of freedom
Freedom from mockery and blotch
That from this insane world, she's afraid to catch

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Give Me a Heartbreak

Have You ance asked for a heartbreak? Why do I asked for it?

Girl come and BREAK my HEART
Make me FALL and LEAVE me behind
TEAR my SOUL and throw them apart
SHOW your SHEEN and make me BLIND

KISS me with your VENOM
Like MAN'S SPIT in bathroom

TRAP me with your CHARM
ENCHANT me and ASK me to DIE
I want a LIFE so DUMB
DROP me on the GROUND as we FLY

These may just be ENOUGH
To CONFIRM if I still have the HEART
I WANT thing sand feelings tough
Because this is how the END STARTS!


[ for leaving you --- I'm sorry ]

One time I forgot you on my table
After a few sips that burnt my throat
I loved you hot and sweet
But I looked for another cup to drink

Now I'm convinced you're for my tounge
So here to you I returned
But when I look down on my cup
I saw your last few cold drops

Tuesday, January 14, 2014


You hit me like a deafening sound
from nowhere that goes straight to my chest
I asked the moon but it's not around
Maybe it's in the midst of its rest

You some to my ears as vivid as the song
of nymphs that descend from heaven where you belong
You blind me with a light to tell me that you're near
OH, you're always waking me my thunder


I was sitting by my window 
Silently staring on the moon 
She is very lovely tonight 
Like an iris of my eye 
Well she has always been very wonderful to me 
Beside me is my table 
With a blank sheet and a sleeping pen 
Unlike the moon the sheet is pure 
My heart has no more to paint on it 
Beside the sheet is a tearing vase 
With roses of falling season 
I was not sure where I put them 
Deep into that venomous water 
Just on the foot of the vase is a ring 
That glints after moon hides 
From the dark blanket on the sky 
That ring was once worn by the moon 
Even the roses were once hers 
The sheet is empty because 
That is the last page of our story I’ve once wrote…  

Sweet Joke

I don't know if your intent is to make me smile
or just to make me feel very special
Now to tell you, you have succeeded
in putting scented roses on my bed

I'm not sure where it comes from
but it tickles me gently inside
This feeling is more awakening than an alarm
Eccentricity when you're by my side

I was not aware of that thing they call love
until you made me feel like this
I'm like flying in the sky above
I even fantasized of our perfect kiss

But now you're gone leaving traces of tears
you took away the fountain of my bliss
Maybe the reason why I didn't get the clue,
Is because love is still sweet, even it's a joke.


Darkness once cuts my eyes
Hearing the saddest goodbye
Watering the hays on spring
Like newly weds couple ring

Forget those passed rain
For clear skies are at the east
Let go of your thousand pains
For you're heading for the best

Today, let your ears hear the song
That deafen you for so long
And let those tears you've given away
Make some rainbow in this brand new day.

Yolanda (Haiyan)

You're not a killer
But you killed
You're a salvager
of our mother
You're not a curse
though you seemed to be

You are a calling
does mankind hear?
You're not a nemesis
there is nothing to be retributed
you are just a nightmare
we never dreamed of
but we lived for


She smiles so wonderful
just like a baby in a crib
or an angel in the sky
like a paradise on land

Her voice is soft
like my mothers lullaby
like a silk on my skin
or a peaceful summer breeze

She is just perfect
her hair, her body, her face
her talking, walking and laughing

how i wish she was mine
...until now,
cause she had just been once
my princess,

Flowers Of April

When fangs bite my breath
And beckon for my death
I saw a fall of sleet
And fell venomous teeth

Leaf sprout from fissures
And light strikes so demure
Like valley where drought matures
My soul summons for cure

A slowly close my eyes
And everything is out of sight
My spirit calls his vice
To take with me on flight

And when I reached the sky
There grows my memory
Scented and hanged so high
Subdued by stupidity

Finally I reckon my will
There’s no such big deal
Everything is futile
Except the reminisce of the flowers of April

Love Story

I want to write a love story
Of hearts far from melancholy
With wines and roses in ecstasy
Where the only characters were just you and me

That story would tell
How you made me fell
How your charm can turn a hell
Into a heaven, paradise of angels

The conflicts or our tale
Would not lead us both to fail
But would rather bind us more
And pacify our hearts clangour

There I will sing you songs
That I will write for you to belong
You would never hear an elegy
For our love’s bliss will take out agony

Though I couldn’t give you the world
The sun nor moon, but only words
I promise I will not deceive
You’re the only princess whom I will serve

Dear, please don’t expect happy ending
Neither our marriage nor a kissing at the closing
‘Cause if I would to write our own story
That would surely be never ending until eternity…


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