Tuesday, January 14, 2014

This Poem is for You

I was thinking to write the dearest lines
and tell the words to sing for you
The clock counts restlessly, and times--
I got nothing until it's due

Holding my nape, looking downwards
choosing the letters not to spell awkward
Can I write a perfect poem?
I guess I can't, flowers won't bloom

My pen had retched dumb notions
Mute, Spiritless, pale and empty
How can I paint all my emotion
when words coming out are all silly?

I browse for books and Shakespeare's sonatas
Hoping that I can see something to dedicate
to tell how I feel about you dear
but nothing fit, all in despair

I told my heart to write a love
and words i wrote all flew above
Pardon me dear cause all I knew
There's no perfect poem to tell how much


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